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The harm of castor short life and why

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-26
The harm of castor short life and reason 1. Overload overload is one of the main causes of castor life is short. In general, in addition to the professional forklift, cart, users rarely knows the maximum load weight of the caster wheel, this is mainly from the manufacturer at the end of the maximum load of castor identification, the lack of appropriate. Shopping malls supermarkets have you ever seen a shopping cart identifies the weight capacity? The sofa of your home to sit a few people ever show? On the other hand the user lack of understanding of caster wheel bearing. But like a load of 2 tons of car load 5 tons, the car will accelerate grinding twist, could have on the slope by overloading cannot. In some factories are carrying 2 tons of trolley but carries 3 tons of goods, the results may be the husk of the wheel ( Polyurethane) Fall off, rupture, deformation of frame. Overload the impact on the caster: lead to serious deformation, steel ball falls off, small turntable accelerates the bearing wear, result in castor stents deformation influence steel ball to orbit, appear even overwhelmed deformation contact and stuck on wheels. Lead to the wheel, deformation, come unglued. 2. Use place wrong caster wheel in different materials have different using occasions. So the user should be given due consideration in the use of use place ring ling, according to different environment using castor. In acid and alkaline. Unfavorable use cast iron mouth fruit using cast iron round round beach, castor will soon rust corrosion leading to can't normal rotation. In winding or thrum more textile mills, garment factories, appropriate USES castor with anti-wind capability, so as to avoid winding or thrum when the rotation of the wheel bearings or into the steering ball track. Should be used in the high temperature in the workplaces where high temperature phenolic resin produced by castor or use or use high temperature resistant cast iron round nylon wheel, avoid trundle thermal deformation caused by environmental temperature is too high can't work normally. In a cold place should be suitable for using the assembly tolerance larger casters, lest because of the cold cold burst occurred wheel. In place of nails or glass more unfavorable use cheer round caster appropriate USES cast iron material. In the uneven ground suit to use large castor wheel diameter, If you choose the wheel diameter is too small, poor ability to resist shock, forced casters in such places of natural short service life. 3. To maintain castor castor is not the same as other equipment, also need maintenance. Maintenance is the main task of the add lubricant to trundle movement parts, followed by contact qing adhere to the movement, the result may be the husk of the wheel ( Polyurethane) Fall off, rupture, deformation of frame.
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