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The importance of polyurethane casters on baidu content distribution

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-04
Pu castor explain the importance of baidu content distribution, why do it? From the point of growth, as the new content distribution mode, the flow of information is right industry trend: data show that in 2016 the income scale of Chinese search engine enterprises reached 902. 100 million yuan, rose 11. 7%; In 2016, China information flow advertising market scale is 32. 5 billion yuan, in 2019, the flow of the advertising market scale will reach more than $1400. Baidu information advertising revenue from the first quarter at the end of every day 10 million, quickly jumped to 30 million everyday, in the second quarter rose 300%. It is said that in an internal speech last year, li said: 'content distribution is the core of our, baidu can exist and are able to do a lot of new business, is because we have a strong like content distribution market, you must understand this truth. However, behind these business, has been completely is the technology of artificial intelligence. Content distribution involves two pieces: one is the search business, the other is the flow of information ( 提要) The business. First is rose, from $600 towards the billions of dollars mark; Followed by AI let out of the limelight, baidu has become the locomotive in this field. In the past half year baidu's fire. The implication, one is a thing of the past business, is a business in the future, there will be no current. Baidu in 2017 focused on power content distribution and artificial intelligence, is to connect conveniently for the present and future. Baidu and li of word of mouth the upward, in early 2018, Mr. Li is on the cover of time magazine. Pu castor explain the importance of baidu content distribution, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 438. html
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