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The industrial castor castor plant is how to choose and buy

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-06
Castor plant is how to choose and buy industrial casters industrial casters used in factories, workshops, commerce, catering, mobile scaffolding, etc. , the different environment requirement for industrial truckle certainly is not the same. This is also has caused many users to choose a bit more difficult when castor. Actually the choose and buy of industrial casters method is very simple, first consider is practical and factors, practicality refers to the purchase of industrial casters will be suitable for such kind of environment, or to buy is useless. So from the choose and buy of industrial casters must begin from professional, only need to pay attention to the following points can buy suitable products: 1, the bearing capacity, bearing is the key point, the size of the wheel bearing the weight of the decision. 2, the use of field conditions: industrial casters to consider site when the choose and buy, field trundle inconvenient operation nature. 3, special environment: each wheel to adapt to different work environment, according to the special environment to choose suitable for castor. 4, rotational flexibility: the larger the wheel rotation is the energy, the ball bearing can bear a heavy load, ball bearing rotation is more flexible but carrying a lighter. 5, temperature limit: industrial truckle to consider using the temperature at which the wheels when the choose and buy, because some wheels are not suitable for too cold or too hot temperature, to purchase
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