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The journey can choose the universal wheel roller rolling suitcase

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-03
During the journey, we meet all kinds of people and things come when you will have a right man who can change your fate happened to sit by your side. So, you need to take a dot in the travel image. Like women handbags is smaller, the higher the status. Post more high-level professionals, carrying bags more portable. You can not take all like clothing, in limited space, you need to maximize their charming, capable and decent: with only oneself like and all wearing beautiful clothes; Carrying clothing had better give priority to with a color; All clothing can mix and match each other, and meet all occasions and functional needs. Go out in the outside, safety first. You don't need a high-profile have to let the world know, who was with the Logo of famous brand bags and luxury suitcase is equal to tell others - — You are very rich. For luggage, is definitely a penny a points goods, buy yourself a good luggage, especially the sort of flying business travellers, good box is a good assistant. Luggage is a lot of more phyletic, the three most popular with business people: roller rolling suitcase, overnight bags, clothing bags. Travel as far as possible avoid confusion of bags. Three to four days of short-distance travel carrying a suitcase. And try to avoid business supplies and personal belongings together, with a separate notebook computer bag or tote bags, folders, and other business supplies store alone. To all the bags with an identity card or label, write your name, address, contact way and company to be on the safe side, don't write the home address in the end. In addition, to put a travel in the same card in the box, once lost luggage with the outer label, at least inside and the way of other people can contact you. Business travel is not a fashion show, unless you're in the entertainment or fashion, otherwise don't use that appear to have ostentatiously showing off of modern luxury travel bags. When buying a suitcase, also avoid the kind of style is particularly common. Because someone take wrong because of poor eye bags. When necessary, can make your own bags with color, or tie a color is marked on the bag. And one more thing to remind, for those who hand without a weak woman, you can choose the universal wheel roller rolling suitcase. But whether the silencing of roller is very important, otherwise the noise of roller is annoying and embarrassing. In addition, the length of the tie rod height is equal height and reach, will directly affect the use of comfort. DORA before buying a walk a few times, the feeling is right again. Shanghai castor plant, universal wheel, casters, universal casters
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