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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-05
; Quality is the life of the enterprise; Many enterprises, it is with the conclusion of experience or lessons summed up, everyone is convinced. The general meaning of this sentence is: product quality is not ready, will eventually be consumer rejection and eliminated by the market, enterprise can't sell products, businesses will be closed. So the quality is enterprise survival, is the life of the enterprise, and the big into castor is tree stand by the quality, from the quality. The wheels for UCF8 * 60 ( 6204). Polyurethane heavy-duty casters, to analyze the wheels under the tough, single wheel load of 600 kg, on a treadmill for 10 km; After using the same single wheel load of 800 kg, then on a treadmill for 10 km. The most surprising is finished after the experiment, wheel should have no damage. Do products attentively, diligently do quality, is the secret of big into castor to Carnegie Hall. Zhongshan big into castor co. , LTD. , founded in 2005, is located in shandong province zhongshan daikin industrial park, the company covers an area of 38000 square meters, staff of nearly 200 people, 20000 nissan castor. Company focused on the production of various specifications of the casters, heavy-duty casters, industrial logistics buffer castor, mute casters, level adjustment, track, etc. At present, the company has automatic casting production line, PU casting assembly line, 50 tons to 400 tons of punching equipment, automatic welding equipment, automatic lathe, automatic electroplating production line, etc. Castor production key processes are realized its own production, own control, to ensure product quality and stable delivery time. Zhongshan into castor has several domestic product patents, more than 10 production process of first inspection and strict process checking, 15 kinds of product performance testing, and successively passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, 14001 environmental management system certification, 18001 occupational health and safety system certification, the European Union Rohs certification, ensure product quality. After ten years of development, into ten thousand kinds of casters use cases, big into people with; Let China fine trundle service world; Dream, sincerely cooperate with you, for you to make a suitable for your plan. This paper label: heavy duty castor mute casters casters a buffer, how to choose the trolley casters: next article is the last article
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