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The nature of the conductive wheel - and role

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-26
Perhaps castor as everyone knows, but the conductive wheel is not necessarily true of everyone to know; Conductive wheel is one of many castor, it is the time in recent years by the advance of social demand, a new type and is a product market competitiveness. It just like ordinary wheels is for carrying and convenient mobile object, reduce the manpower cost, labor cost, improve the working efficiency. And conductive wheel is not only for carrying objects move convenient, more important is to have the special requirements of customers solve real problems. The properties of conductive wheel is to eliminate static electricity exists in the assignments section, an antistatic effect. In some electronics factory, the existence of static electricity is inevitable, and the enterprise compared to its discreet, which to a certain extent can cause equipment damage, so to solve the static problem, then you can't use ordinary casters, wheels cannot eliminate electrostatic effect, and only in a special conductive wheel can fundamentally solve the problem, to prevent electrostatic generation. As the saying goes, a professional will be handed over to the professional person to do, in the same way, to eliminate electrostatic effect, conductive wheel is the only acceptable way. In addition to eliminate electrostatic effect, the effect of the conductive wheel can play a mute, because the material is also equipped with super synthetic rubber ( TPR) Special materials, at the same time of eliminating static electricity, and does not produce noise, brings to the working environment is very good environmental protection effect, to reduce the noise pollution. Conductive wheel bearing thought in addition to the most basic, but also do the green environmental protection, is a practical very strong innovative products.
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