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The oven wheel should choose what kind of industry

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-12
Castor divided into universal wheel and directional wheel, in the life of all kinds of wheel are common, but different material castor USES is not the same, different environmental requirements of casters will be different, such as the casters on the oven have a certain requirements, must be high temperature resistant truckle to ensure the normal use. What kind of material should be on the oven castor? Grain production and wholesale of industrial casters dedicated castor, company all kinds of caster wheel model is complete, the quality is reliable, the current products have been sold at home and abroad, Suggestions on the oven can choose company of pu castor, glass fiber enhanced resistance to high temperature casters, and so on, the bracket with double wave plate double circular orbit design, sufficient to ensure that the load and flexible; Wheels adopt imported high temperature resistant nylon material injection molding, with heavy resistance function; Double ball bearing high temperature resistant and durable, flexible, and effort; Appearance with double bearing black wheels, galvanized metal stents, more sunlight, temperature changes, dust and rain water environmental factors, such as two years generally will not rust, use a temperature can reach 300, 4 '- single round 8 'load of 150 kg - 300公斤。 More products welcome to inquire.
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