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The performance test of heavy-duty casters

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-07
Heavy duty castor vertical inversion is installed on the ground test platform, the quality of 5 kg ( ±2%) Distance is 200 mm, the weight of the deviation of plus or minus 3 mm position are free to decline in the impact of heavy duty castor wheels side. If it is two wheels, two wheels should also be affected. In the whole experiment process does not allow any part of the heavy-duty casters, and heavy duty caster roll after the completion of the experiment, should not damage the pivotal or brake function. Heavy duty castor should keep dry and clean, place the heavy-duty casters on insulated metal plate with the ground, keep the wheel edge contact with metal plate, and the heavy loads between 5% and 10% of heavy duty castor castor. The rated load. Measuring insulation resistance tester heavy-duty casters and the resistance between metal plate ( Nominal open circuit voltage is 500 v, measured resistance fluctuation within 10%, product loss is less than 3 w) 。 For conductive type heavy-duty casters, resistance is not more than 104 ohms, and heavy-duty casters resistance should be between 105 ohms to 107 ohms. The stable operation of the heavy duty caster wheel on the ground is a state of pure theory. Heavy duty castor static load test procedure is to heavy duty caster wheel fixed on the level of smooth steel test bench, the heavy duty castor focus 24 h 800 n the force, and check its status. Removed after 24 h of heavy-duty casters. After the experiment to determine the deformation of heavy duty castor does not exceed 3% of the wheel diameter and heavy caster wheel rolling after completion of the test, the rotation of the shaft or the brake function is not damaged. Heavy duty castor reciprocating wear test simulating the actual rolling of daily use medium-duty castor. It is divided into obstacles and accessibility testing. Heavy duty castor has been properly installed and placed on the test platform. Each test is very heavy. Caster wheel load is 300 n, test frequency is ( 6 - 8) Times/min, a test cycle including 1 m and 1 m back before and after the movement, there are obstacles, Metal obstructions, 50 mm width, height) 2mm - 3毫米) On the test platform to test 5000 times ( H heavy-duty casters) Or 30000 times ( W type heavy-duty casters) 。 Used for barrier-free material level test-bed 70000 times ( H heavy-duty casters) Or 20000 ( W type heavy-duty casters) 。 In the process of test does not allow heavy duty castor or other parts fall off. After the test, each heavy duty castor should be able to drive its normal function. After completion of test, should not damage the heavy duty caster roll, pivotal or brake function.
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