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The principle of flexible rotation - industrial caster wheel barrow along

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-15
Castor - Beijing KNT Chester technology co. , LTD. , the supermarket in the shopping cart or airport carrying luggage trolleys, the general configuration of four industrial casters. When installation, if the shaft and car body together, industrial casters can only lead straight can't free rotation. Industrial caster wheel shaft and car body is not fixed, but can rotate freely around the vertical axis. In addition, when you run a wheelbarrow, industrial casters always follow behind the axis of rotation. If once into to retreat, castor will suddenly turned 180 degrees around the vertical axis, is still in the follow the location of the axis of rotation. Under normal circumstances, the cart along the local movement, caster wheel rolling direction must be consistent with the direction. Once the direction of the rolling direction of the caster and inconsistent, the friction of the ground will be to produce in front of the vertical axis of the torque, driving castor to walk square consistent position. In a similar way to the shopping cart castor, bike cause similar free rotation. If the bicycle front fork of rotation of the extension to the ground, and the intersection of the ground is always located in the front of the front wheel and the ground contact. When you walking forward cushion carts, the front wheel very successfully following the direction. If go backwards cart, front wheel and the relative position of front fork contrary, lateral friction driving directions are opposite, the front wheel will be swung. Therefore, trolley industrial caster wheel axle fixed and relative distance, to ensure the driving stability of the trolley is very important.
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