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The relationship between the high temperature resistant wheel and bearings

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-28
We all know that high temperature applications are special, although now a lot of castor be driven will replace with the same castor, premise is, of course, on the premise of no significant impact, and can under the condition of normal use; Although from a certain extent, save the cost, but also indirectly increase the cost of risk. And high temperature resistant wheel is hard to use in numerous castor wheels replaced by other one, because unlike many wheels of heat-resistant, so this also contributed to the special reason. When it comes to special round in addition to the production of high temperature resistant special raw materials, the selection of the bearing is measured, because it directly affects the use of high temperature resistant wheel, so any parts can especially in some way. High-temperature wheel and the relationship between the bearing can be said to be closely connected, when wheels are completely under the condition of no problem once the bearing quality problems, then will lead to the whole castor appear problem, so we're going to the high temperature resistant wheel bearings make different inspection and judgment; First of all, we in the use of high temperature resistant when to determine its size precision, rotating wheel bearing, internal clearance and mating surface precision, raceway surface, cage and seal rings etc. Large bearing can't rotate with the hand, pay attention to check the rolling element and raceway surface, such as cage, guard surface appearance. Especially heavy high temperature resistant super-heavy high-temperature wheel and wheel is particularly important, because they carry objects are heavier. How to distinguish high-temperature wheel bearing quality: 1, the packing is clear: high-temperature roller bearing is divided into the inner packing and outer packing, make sure the two packaging clear and clear; 2, the surface is clean, if there is a muddy soil surface that need we should pay special attention to when buying imported bearings. 3, seal character is clear: every product bearing on bearing products body printed with the brand, label, etc. 4, if there is a complex ring: holding bearing body, right hand small reciprocating toggle coat to make it spin, bearing ring if there is a noise in the process of operation. Pieces of high temperature resistant wheel bearing heating and its elimination method: 1, the assembly quality low: improve the assembly quality. 2, low bearing precision: choose regulation accuracy grade of bearings. 3, bearing inner shell run laps: replace the bearing wear and related parts. 4, different main shaft bending or casing hole heart: repair spindle or box. 5: poor lubrication, use prescribed brand of lubricating materials and proper cleaning. 6, axial force is too large, clean, 0 is seal ring clearance requirements. 2 to 0. 3 mm, correcting impeller balance hole diameter and check static equilibrium value. Good bearing can also make the quality of the high temperature resistant, heavy high temperature resistant round or super-heavy applications, high temperature resistant round foil can have very good effect. So we ignore every little detail, different selection of high temperature resistant wheel bearing as the selection of raw materials production has very important significance, we should be rational choice reasonable high-temperature roller bearing, can let us more competitive in the high temperature resistant wheel production and practical.
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