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The role of the universal wheel boy umbrella two-way push your car

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-03
Baby products at the end of January 10, the Hong Kong show, good number of the world's first new products a appearance then kill people. It is understood that the baby held by Hong Kong trade development council of Hong Kong exhibition with various countries and regions of the world's 377 shops, more than 8% more than in 2011. Number of buyers also rise, from 119 countries and regions in the world for more than 2. 760000 the personage inside course of study, Tours, up 9% from 2011. Booth from Chinese boy is each big brand and the buyer will see grand opera, its product lineup unprecedented, there are 91 varieties. And half a year ago, good boy in Shanghai maternal and child supplies exhibition on display at some cause sensation effect of the new product, the exhibition a did not appear, in a short span of six months with heavyweight product appearance again. Good boy the speed of research and development of new products have been known by the global industry has long been known as the 'machine' for the new product. Good boy took out this time of global industry for a long time did not conquer buggies problem - — Reversible super umbrella of the car. Umbrella is a classic model of global baby carrier, but there is a problem when a lot of money can realize two-way push buggies, global sales of the largest umbrella the car has been unable to realize this dream. In September 2012, goodbaby Song Zhenghai, President of research and development department say the idea of super car umbrella, requires two-way transformation, on one hand after folding, folding, even with bi-directional wheels, and less than 8 kg weight. But at that time, in his view, 'this is an impossible task, if the invented it will be a ground-breaking products'. Because of the difficulty of this product is not only one hand pushing walks after folding, can realize the function of double push at the same time, but also lightweight. Shanghai castor plant, universal wheel, casters, universal casters only 3 months, this problem is good boy conquer the r&d team, super umbrella your car to a breakthrough in the five - — Two-way push, one hand can stand after folding, folding, freely convert universal wheel, weight is only 7. 5 kg.
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