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The safe use and maintenance of antistatic caster wheel

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-08
Antistatic caster wheel is a new type of universal wheel, arrival time is short, about ten years, through continuous improvement, improvement, has overcome the caster and not to leave his mark on the surface of this problem. The current sales of conductive castor has the several kinds of materials such as rubber, super synthetic rubber, and only the rubber prices are cheaper, good use effect. Conductive castor: conductive coefficient for three minus 10 - - - - - - 5 of 10 square ohm. Anti-static casters: anti-static coefficient for power 6-10 - - - - - - Nine of 10 to the power ohms; Suitable for computer, electronics, medical equipment factory, etc. Such as some electronics factory in order not to affect the conductivity of electronic products, to install and use conductive wheel, some factories in order to maintain the good performance of the machine, will install conductive castor, used to surrounding the release of electrostatic adsorption, because any surfaces with electrical conductivity, produces a static magnetic fields. The smaller resistance coefficient, flows through the electric current on the surface of the object, the greater the conductivity, the better, on the contrary, the greater the resistance, through the current on the surface of the object is smaller, conductive performance is poor. We produce the caster after numerous validation, performance stability, withstand any test instrument, please feel free to use. The safe use and maintenance of the installation of caster wheel carts or equipment not overload try not to at high speeds the operation will produce strong shock and vibration, casters, wheels and the device does not work. Important note if use JALSON castor products as components mounted to the machinery and equipment for sale, please introduce to the buyer the product safety instructions, and on the product with the corresponding instructions so that the users understand this information. Tightness check castor structure and regular in the side or on both ends of the rotating caster, check the following: whether welding at point or welded plate fracture, loosening of nuts and bolts have check equipment due to overload or violent impact of structural deformation, the weight is not evenly Shared by a one or two will be lead to deformation, castor castor wheels can't rotate. If it is inserted bar castor, ensure that equipment installation hole is not bent, and inserted rod connected. Using locknut or check washer to install castor confirm whether expansion rubber sets of installation location tighten in place to add lubricant to add the lubricating oil to the caster or wheel on a regular basis. Add frequency depends on the specific usage, generally every half a lubricating oil, but in humid and corrosive environment best additional once a month, every time cleaning the caster equipment also want to add a lubricant, must use high temperature resistant on these occasions.
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