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The selection and application of - furniture caster specifications

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-17
Industrial casters - 【 Industrial casters 】 Universal wheel, adjust the feet manufacturers casters are widely used in furniture industry. Castor is an active organization, mainly placed on the furniture, flexible and light transportation for furniture. In addition the following high-grade furniture, such as high-grade cabinet because of the fine workmanship, with makings fastidious, the handling process of bound to the risk of breakage is to be resettled castor side is moving more smoothly. Castor application in furniture, as to furniture fitted with four legs, without casters, furniture of handling can only move by hand, laborious time-consuming. And with castor, again heavy furniture in the plane moving is easy. Furniture castor, however, involves the choice of specification, the choice of furniture casters specifications more need to pay attention to the delicate and exquisite features. On the structure, general furniture caster stents with double bead structure, materials are mainly high quality steel. In shape of castor, will adopt advanced rivets, let the caster to achieve strong firmness. In appearance, there are usually hidden need furniture caster, so castor material selection is given priority to with dark material such as black, brown, or simply in castor surface coated with black paint, which can achieve visual hidden features, also on the water can reach the antirust function. In terms of bearing capacity, furniture caster wheel bearing capacity calculation are also often can only calculate the bearing capacity of the three wheels, because any pavement pot-holed, even if is to live in the ground, too, so choose wide heavier furniture caster can prolong the service life of the castor.
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