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The size and specifications of the pu castor you remember

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-29
The size and specifications of the pu castor you remember? Pu castor polyurethane general advantages: under the same hardness, higher than other elastomer carrying capacity; Wet steam passing Suitable for microporous materials; But with wood, metal, and most of the plastic adhesive; Suitable for high frequency deflection; Wide range of hardness, impact resistance, high rebound is wide and low temperature flexibility is good, not affected by the erosion of ozone, radiation resistant, but make it flame retardant materials, high and low friction, can be in standard processing equipment, molding and processing, low cost, can be made into noise reduction materials widely resistance to oil, grease and chemicals. Pu castor can improve the operation efficiency of equipment, to speed up the flow of goods, but many users only pay attention to the inspection of equipment, maintenance, maintenance, often ignored the equipment movement of the power system. Pu castor how to properly maintain: caster wheel wear, visual check the abrasion of the wheels. The wheel rotational impeded associated with fine red rope and so on sundry. The intertwining of anti-wind cover can stop these stuff. Such as activity can't free rotation, should check the ball in the presence of corrosion or stolen goods. If there is a fixed type caster wheel assembly, must ensure the wheel bracket without bending phenomenon. Elastic factor of castor, inspect and replace the wheel after, shall ensure that use lock washers and nut tightening wheel axle. Loose axle can cause friction wheel with stents and jammed. Add the lubricating oil to the castor castor lubrication, regular, every six months on a normal lubrication, the car each month after cleaning for wheel lubrication, such can prolong the service life of the wheels and bearings. Pu castor advantage function: speeding the Yangtze shockproof castor wheels adopts double tapered roller bearing, in the process of high-speed traction can better prevent the wheels wobble, greatly reduces the noise, the production workshop provides a quiet environment for our production. Anti-shock performance quality selection of impact resistance aseismic springs, using large diameter bead plate orbit, and base plate, upper plate after heat treatment, can greatly improve the hardness and toughness of bead plate, make bead plate rotating more flexible, easily greatly improve mechanical performance, avoid the wheels on the concave and convex surface damaged by vibration. The size and specifications of the pu castor you remember? More news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 141. html
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