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The structure of the anti-static castor and the suitable environment

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-28
Antistatic caster wheel structure, its characteristic is that includes chassis, shock absorbing device, supporting device, castor device and braking device, supporting device including stents and fender fittings, the damping device inside the bracket of damping material for elastomer. Antistatic caster wheel structure, its characteristics is described several steel balls for connection between the chassis and support. Antistatic caster wheel structure, its characteristics is described in the circle of castor plant including castor and caster, casters on castor circle shape. Antistatic caster wheel structure, its characteristics is described in the brakes include brakes, brake release plate and the brake lever, brake lever side near the castor with dentate; Described the pedal end of the bracket cover fittings axis; Described the brake release board, respectively, and the brake pedal and brake lever at one end of the shaft, the brake lever at the other end is installed on the bracket cover fittings. Environmental protection: 1, it effectively resolved not to leave his mark on the ground, keep the floor clean and tidy. 2, it push light, shock absorption, smooth operation, to reduce the noise. 3, it around the electrostatic adsorption, effectively protect the health of the workers. 4, castor contains no lead, lead is harmful to human body material. Anti-static castor is mainly suitable for computer, electronics, medical equipment factory, etc. Such as some electronics factory in order not to affect the conductivity of electronic products, to install and use conductive wheel, some factories in order to maintain the good performance of the machine, will be installed anti-static castor, used to surrounding the release of electrostatic adsorption, because any surfaces with electrical conductivity, produces a static magnetic fields. The smaller resistance coefficient, flows through the electric current on the surface of the object, the greater the conductivity, the better, on the contrary, the greater the resistance, through the current on the surface of the object is smaller, conductive performance is poor.
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