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The usage of different castor specifications

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-18
Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturers casters, as a kind of widely used in mechanical components in the field of transportation, widely welcomed and loved by users. During the process of actual use, the choice of the caster specification is very important, because the choice of all casters specifications for final installation services. However, no matter how to analyze theoretically casters specifications of choice, have no in practice to understand the use of different specifications casters performance more accurately and objectively. , with actual use of examples to introduce the usage of castor specifications: example 1: in a large supermarket, purchasing trolley 200 five years ago, trolley casters used material for polyurethane wheel, size is 3 inches in diameter, the design bearing capacity of single wheel 70 kilograms. Use the down after five years. To date, 200 wheelbarrow castor attrition rate nearly 40%. Damage to the main reason for the deformation of shaft rust, distort, caster wheel wear. Comprehensive analysis of the supermarket trolley practical use situation was complex, excess load use, improper use, overspeed driving, and so on and so forth, combined with practical aging wear, castor brings bigger attrition rate, also reduces the service life. Example 2: a city of a large logistics express company, purchasing transportation push flat car 300 five years ago, castor specifications for the material is nylon, size 3 inches, single wheel bearing capacity is 70 kg, using the loss rate of nearly 20% so far. Damage to the main reason is rapid, caster stents corrosion and abrasion wheel hub and so on. According to the above two examples, every business, every field used by castor specification is different, so the castor use effect is different, have different service life of the castor can achieve. Specific conclusion is not pure of, just as you choose and reference.
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