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The use of appropriate pu castor will bring you unexpected surprises

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-27
Appropriate use of polyurethane casters will bring you unexpected surprises, a number of physical and mechanical properties of the pu castor indexes can be adjusted through the selection of raw materials and formulations, flexible changes within a certain scope, so as to meet the unique requirements of users on the product performance. Such as castor hardness, is often an important indicator of castor, polyurethane elastomer hardness can be Shao Er A hardness 20 to Shao Er D hardness between 70 free adjustment, this is the general elastomer material is difficult to do, can meet the needs of different users. Pu castor has excellent wear resistance. Pu castor is superior wear resistance, especially in the presence of water, oil and other wetting medium work condition, the wear-resisting performance is more outstanding, can reach several times to dozens times of general materials. In the case of hardness and abrasion resistance should be considered, pu castor better more metal casters. Through special formula of pu castor, its wear resistance than metal casters. Pu castor has good physical and chemical resistance. Pu castor oil resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance, radiation resistance, good low temperature resistance, etc. These advantages are pu castor widely used in many special fields. My company has advanced equipment, the latest technology, the material of the optimal and perfect scientific management system. Production of castor products overall structure is reasonable, beautiful and easy, convenient operation and the use of safe, reliable and durable. Pu castor mentioned we must first understand the polyurethane is a kind of what kind of material, what is the concept of it, what features it has? Polyurethane commonly known as optimal force glue, rubber spring. Is a kind of between plastic and rubber elastomer, its good comprehensive performance is common plastic and rubber. Polyurethane casters plays an important role in handling things, such as used for indoor, buildings need to be engaged in the handling of all machines and all kinds of handling machine, above is the reinforcement of a man's hand, please observe the following principles: truckle to choose according to the ways and conditions of its use, appropriately, use correctly installed. More news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 248. html
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