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by:Dajin caster     2020-03-29
As time goes on, castor show more and more diversified, such as industrial casters, medical casters, even after the antibacterial wheel are castor show one side of a, in addition, bar castor also is one of all casters, just gives it a different code and name, of course, in view of the field will have a little difference, but this does not preclude the use of its function, also do not hinder to know it, understand it. All caster, casters and other bars is in order to provide convenience in industrial, life. Its combination with other is slightly different, bar castor is made up of dedicated accessories application portfolio the connector box, it can be assembled into a variety of assembly line, production line, workbench, turnover box, storage shelves, such as shape structure, so in addition to differ form structure, application areas are roughly the same. Bar castor products main features include: flexible rotation, walking quiet, wear-resisting, waterproof, carrying big, protect the floor characteristics, impact resistance and other advantages. Castor bars when the choice can also according to the actual circumstance of environment, application field, such as the specific choice fixed bar bar castor castor and active belt brake line, at the same time the wheel material can also be selected according to requirements of polyurethane, conductive, synthetic rubber, high temperature resistant, etc. The performance of different materials. Bar castor advantages: 1, wire rod castor meet modern enterprise low cost, low loss, high efficiency of the logistics supply chain management needs; 2, three-dimensional structure, can make full use of warehouse space, improve the utilization rate of warehouse capacity to expand the warehouse storage capacity; 3, easy access to goods, can do first in first out, one hundred percent selection ability, fluent inventory turnover; 4, bar castor warehouse the goods shelves, be clear at a glance, easy to count, classification, measurement and other very important management work; Line 5, caster and guarantee the quality of goods storage, can take moistureproof, dustproof, guard against theft, defending breakage, in order to improve the quality of goods and materials storage; 6, castor bars satisfy large quantities of goods, a wide range of storage and centralized management, cooperate with mechanical handling tools, also can achieve the storage and handling work orderly; 7, have into the goods shelves, mutual extrusion, and material losses small, to ensure the function of the material itself, complete relief goods possible loss in storage link; 8, bar castor bearing strength, not changeful form, reliable connection, easy tear open outfit, diversified, so storage shelves to play a huge role in the development of modern industry, with the development of modern industrial civilization, the structure and function of storage shelves are improving. General bar castor application in automobile industry, electronic manufacturing industry, communications industry, biological engineering, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, precision hardware and other industries, and in the food factory, equipment factory, glass factory, textile factory occupies certain proportion. Castor bars not only plays a role in promoting, also have to ensure the quality of the products in our production, to eliminate invalid labor and waste, improve work efficiency and work quality, easy to scientific management, to ensure safety in production, improve the working environment, promote the civilized production has played a positive effect. So how to develop bar castor, strengthening technology is to promote the whole castor castor manufacturer industry is we have to do the job.
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