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Three different kinds of pu castor application field and application environment

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-05
Three PU castor different application field and application environment, PU wheel namely PU wheel it generally have plastic core PU PU PU wheel, aluminum wheel, core core round three. PU wheel is wear-resisting, resistance to grease, temperature in - 43 to 85 degrees Celsius, so the PU wheel use range is very wide, almost all can use in various occasions. Usually in the normal hardness of 92 degrees or so, so generally will have pushed up the noise. If the PU wheel made lower surface hardness, cost is too high, meeting with difficulty. Heavy pu castor is suitable for the machinery and equipment, kitchen equipment, medical equipment. Handling equipment, electronic equipment, logistics trolley, flat car, food distribution equipment, heavy shelves, revolving cars, etc widely used. Super-heavy core pu castor scope of all kinds of mechanical equipment, heavy frame heavy-duty storage equipment, heavy tool, trolleys, revolving cars, storage cage and so on. Medium-sized pu castor is suitable for the office furniture, high-grade furniture, electronic industry, kitchen equipment, medical equipment, electronic instruments and equipment; Logistics transportation equipment, food distribution, hotels, Banks, high-grade trolley, etc is used widely. High-tech polyurethane iron core wheel, anti-fouling, oil resistance, abrasion resistance and the characteristics of high load, so has good sealing performance dustproof and waterproof coil. Damping when the wheel is put on the equipment used has the characteristics of the low starting power. Suspension wheel structure design is reasonable, the selection of excellent impact resistance aseismic springs, avoid the wheels when a bump on the ground work for damaged by vibration. Adopt high quality high elastic rubber core wheel made of natural rubber, with good toughening elasticity and abrasion resistance. The wheels of the universal wheel adopts polyurethane sealing against the winding, bead plate adopts the sealing ring, extremely good dustproof and waterproof coil, to the choice of suitable for different environments and requirements. It is easier to start easily. Small polyurethane casters used in furniture, more mobile chassis, freezers, light industry equipment, kitchen equipment, kitchen utensils and appliances, shelves, laundry, storage, food conveyor equipment, medium-sized mechanical and electrical equipment. Want to learn more about pu castor & # 8203; News and information please click: hynews / 441. html
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