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by:Dajin caster     2020-03-18
Social changes of the era of progress is like a piece of sea, seemingly endless can let back, but never touched off the mark, but they were the engulfed. In industrial casters, the sea, every day there are a number of industrial casters for innovation or use, whether new products or innovative products, is through the base principle to achieve; How scientific and rational use of industrial casters, this is for us to explore. Don't: use industrial casters when use, with human drive, can be used in handling, do not use the rest. When used in traction, it is very easy to cause castor and use the equipment damage due to impact, so the traction and other use is not possible. And industrial casters in actual use process, according to the regulations of the equipment to load load, don't overload the weight. More can't let industrial casters used on uneven road surface, don't falling or don't hit, concave and convex area cannot be used. Don't: brake industrial casters don't equipped with brake, the brake device after locking force. When set screw type casters, don't put the brakes locked after castor to tighten. Industrial casters in the process of using brake, do not use the hammer. Brakes locked, can't park on the slopes, such as park in slope will cause castor, brakes, and possible equipment damage, shorten the service life of the castor. Special circumstances don't: industrial casters don't used in the place of special stimulation. Especially in acid, alkali, salt and so on use cases, in the case of the humid and rainy weather as far as possible put the industrial casters on the interior. Industrial casters don't place do not use in special temperature. If industrial casters are installed in freezers, high temperature, heating room environment, etc. So have to use special material industrial casters. Industrial casters industrial system now in use is more and more widely, but in developing the industrial casters cycle is not very long, but to use more and more widely in society, indirectly promote the development of our social economy. Why industrial casters will be able to get fast development, perhaps is the castor industry is bound in the transport industry, it naturally became the cause of the high speed development of castor industry. At the same time, we can combine industrial casters in use don't factors, avoid does not bring the negative effect of scientific operation, believe castor industry will get more development opportunities.
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