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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-15
Industrial casters - Beijing KNT Chester technology co. , LTD. , castor though just help auxiliary tool to carry the goods and articles, but small tools also can play a bigger role, often at the time of goods to handle, there will be many different roads, as a special industrial casters, also it is necessary to achieve the very strong adaptability, for some goods, often in addition to the indoor mobile, there are a lot more for outdoor mobile. And relative to the outside, the road surface is relatively complicated, now often have factory was also cement road surface, but also because of is this kind of pavement, so also you must request castor wheels have high wear resistance, don't have to be in the process of use, not how long, the tire is worn. Again, that is, it must have certain shock, if could not reach the requirements of above the shock absorption, and moving objects in outdoor, also often cause of vibration for the item has a very big damage phenomenon, so industrial casters must be able to reach many aspects of adaptation, actually relatively, caster trolley is made of a small car.
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