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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-03
Only do the industry's largest when Patrick fung factory built in 2002, castor markets have been in a saturated state. Market is divided into two pieces, one piece is a delegate with American, German foreign capital enterprise, is another piece of domestic private enterprises. For basic are foreign high-end products, domestic capital is mainly for low-end products, both in terms of price and quality have very big difference. From the very beginning, Patrick fung product market positioning themselves for the gap between domestic and foreign, strive to make the quality of the products reached the level of foreign products, prices in comparison the position again. At that time he was born to the technical superiority finally appeared, in order to make the quality of our products in product design is carefully studied at the beginning of European manufacturer of a few big castor products, put all the structure of split apart, find out the optimal design is optimized, finally produce products of similar products on the technical level and Europe, but the price is lower by more than 20%. Surprisingly, the first year end settlement, was much promise for the Patrick fung products has not achieved good sales performance, his factory lost 100000 yuan, although the Numbers look is not big, but he was factory total assets are 1 million yuan. He realized that it's because of the no market share, sales by holding a basic product around the market, but many companies have a fixed long-term suppliers, it's hard to change to use his products. Patrick fung know, must hurry to find a way to open the market, if you have enough money to support oneself certainly can occupy the market with the advantages of products gradually, but at the time of the case, can't open the situation as soon as possible, but factory must hold next year. Then his eyes were drawn to the trash can use casters, when this kind of mobile garbage bins mainly used abroad, especially in Europe, not many domestic enterprises noticed this market. He began to try to get in touch with several big trash producers in Europe, this time it finally became more smoothly. And Patrick fung expected, the garbage cans manufacturers have expressed great interest his product, he didn't meet in the trash can castor market competitors soon he received a batch of orders from Europe. Since then, Patrick fung factory finally took to the track of the rapid development. Poured in from Europe, for five consecutive years, the annual output value of his factory and profits will be at least double. He also became Europe's big three headed by OTTO environmental manufacturers suppliers. And Patrick fung is never give up on the quality improvement of products and the production cost control, he even put a automatic production line imported from abroad converted a semi-automatic production line, 'because it cost less production cost. In Patrick fung's words, in the trash can castor market, have no rival to compete with yourself. 'In the premise of guarantee quality, castor production process has been I did the most simplified, and I have the effect of the scale of production, no one can compete costs competitive to me. 'The benefits of the rivals far behind is monopoly market, the current more than 60% of the trash can castor markets around the world have been occupied, Patrick fung possess higher market share in Europe. Although just castor the tiny products, his factory shipments were more than 60 container per month, which is December 75 container. Monopoly of the market has brought him a bigger benefit, he had to product pricing power, in other export manufacturers are competing for the market in cut-throat price war, but Patrick fung in early 08's products generally increases 20% ~ 30% to hedge the risk of RMB exchange rate rise. And its downstream buyers can only accept, because the market to find out a can provide lots of similar quality products manufacturers. By the end of the 2008's, Patrick fung factory scale has reached 40 million yuan of fixed assets, annual output value of more than 1. 500 million yuan. His factory is less than 200 workers, on average of annual output value of more than 750000 yuan per worker, far more than the level of some labor intensive industry. And his products just at ordinary times our caster who all don't care - — Castor and only used for trash cans. 'The market is always exist, the key is to locate and concentrate to do one thing, the monopoly market. 'When it comes to their successful experience, Patrick fung said. Shanghai castor plant, universal wheel, casters, universal casters
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