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Universal caster wheel is not easy to skid

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-23
Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturers more friction with the ground, the caster wheel bearing is bigger. Not easy to skid. Omni-directional wheel is more flexible quick. More than just experience, nearly all faults had said but personally, universal wheel can improve the space also is very big, at present is only seen on the robot contest. As shown in the figure below mobile platform, which can be used in uneven and not clean place added: 1. On the stairs, as long as the bigger wheels, on a small bench is not a problem. 2. Universal wheel structure is complex, but all the rotating parts of use bearing, bearing of the sealing is good sand dust and so on can still bear the biggest advantage is to use both of 3 or more omni-directional wheel can realize arbitrary direction of translation, can undertake any complicated arcs. The diagram below installation ways: 3. Universal wheel: as long as according to the characteristics of universal wheel and movement of the decomposition synthesis can be achieved. Bearing ability, take a look at my game with the parameters of the wheel. Polyurethane universal caster wheel bearing capacity size and the size of the wheels are related, are small wheels (as shown above Car wheels are generally 20 inch) If omni-directional wheel do 20-inch, bearing capacity is considerable and bearing capacity and the use of materials, mechanical design and machining accuracy. Certainly bearing ability certainly not bad for the applicable scope, personally think that the possibility of currently used for consumption or not, at least in the car use is unpractical although technically difficult should not. Operating mode is bad design of omnidirectional translation of the first, for the average person, also not good control. And use the universal wheel car, degrees of freedom. Much freedom the accident probability is bigger. Used for unmanned vehicle is a good choice. In short, the individual thinks, universal wheel, suitable for automatic operation endeavors.
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