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Universal casters manufacturers how to deal with the relationship between cost and quality?

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-19
- - - - - - Universal wheel - 【 Industrial casters 】 Universal wheel, adjust the feet are manufacturers from all walks of life manufacturer quality and cost of a mutual relationship, the high cost of the quality also can't bad where to go, be in usually, high quality heavy wheels products is built on the basis of high cost, cost is the premise condition, the quality is the result. But sometimes enterprise high costs is caused because the product quality is bad. One is in the process of production scrap loss and repair cost to increase the product cost. 2 it is associated with poor quality unstable product quality, make the maintenance service after the products are sold out the cost. So to improve quality is the idea of reducing costs. Companies focus on IS09000 quality certification, 5 s management and total quality management of the concept of product quality control is not one hundred percent, but the aesthetic ideal product quality zero defect. Correctly handle the relationship between cost and quality should maintain a reasonable quality of the product. Its content includes three aspects: 1, the product life cycle is reasonable, the use of the product cycle is refers to the products put into use after purchase to not be able to use the scrap of time. The reasonable time to do. Both to be able to meet user demand for quality, and to consider the product life cycle in the market. 2, is the quality of the product should be kept in an appropriate range. As quality positioning in the warranty for one year, within the scope of the bearing, 3 to 5 years product service life, is life cycle of the same kind of universal casters factory five times, but the price of 1. 5 to 2 times, give full play to the brand market competitiveness of products. 3, the product function is reasonable, the function of the product, the more the better is a myth to improve quality. Such as brake, anti-static, wind cover, impact resistant to provide multi-function wheel for most consumers either unnecessary or repeated, but these unnecessary functions is at the cost of the rising cost of products. Many consumers may not need to cost is too high, so produced products dampened consumer demand. As a result, the product quality, the reasonable is to a great extent, control the cost of the product, to ensure the universal casters factory product price advantage. Reasonable, of course, guarantee the product quality is the key to research and development, enterprise should according to consumer demand and purchasing power for product design.
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