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Universal wheel bearing for choose

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-02
Universal wheel suited to choose what bearings used universal wheel bearings have a lot of kinds, without it, universal wheel, lost value. Therefore, we suggest that the ideal bearing should be suitable for their respective applications, and keeping the necessary safety margin. Besides the rotation wheel, wheel diameter and bearing, wheel bearing determines the mobility of the universal wheel, even the universal wheel quality. Using the environment is very important to select the bearing, the use of different environment have different requirements. Shijiazhuang lumbricus castor for everybody to introduce bearing several types: 1, cone bearing cone bearing is one of the most important part of the roller bearing. Compared with the ordinary bearing, their special advantage to expand the field of use, can provide the moving characteristic of improvement. 2, plane bearings and tapered bearings are suitable for high and high load and high speed, impact resistant universal wheel. 3, ordinary bearing wheel bearing is the most simple form of sliding bearing or friction. They can shock, almost no maintenance, and on the basis of the characteristics of materials, corrosion resistant. If the device only in the case of short distance, low speed mobile, recommended installation is equipped with the wheels of the plain bearing is ok. 4, precision ball bearing by the unique design, and is in line with the German industry standard single rotate precision ball bearing is a bearing of the highest quality models. Equipped with the ball bearing universal wheel bearing the maximum load, even if can remain extremely low rolling resistance. 5, needle roller bearing besides wear-resisting and deep groove ball bearing, the strong seismic bearing is mainly used to transport equipment universal wheel. Compared with other bearings, needle roller bearings to its extremely low installation height, the relatively low rolling resistance and is famous for its great weight. Equipped with needle bearing wheel speed of not more than 4 km/h, close to people walking speed. Caster, caster wheel factory, Shanghai universal wheel, universal casters
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