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Universal wheel can be antibacterial, too?

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-23
Universal wheel, adjust the feet become closer between manufacturers of heavy industry production, with the development of heavy industry automation, informationization, intellectualization. Every link interruption or error will affect the production efficiency of heavy industry. Wireless communication technology as a reliable data transmission, sharing, sensors can be real-time detecting equipment operation data, and send the related automation control command, control production line running. Add silver elements which can significantly improve the antibacterial properties of polyurethane universal casters, adding a small amount of silver pu universal casters, can get better antibacterial effect, but the silver in polyurethane universal casters other alloy solid solution, affect the forming of polyurethane universal casters, so adding silver in polyurethane universal casters are difficult. China's rare earth resources, power, resource development with Chinese characteristics of new type high quality rare earth anti-bacterial polyurethane universal caster wheel is very meaningful. Polyurethane (pu), nitrogen is added to the universal casters, can not only improve the antibacterial properties of polyurethane universal casters, but also can enhance the corrosion resistance, which can solve add copper of the decline of the corrosion resistance of polyurethane universal casters, a good research direction. The above category, from the perspective of the long-term development of antibacterial polyurethane universal casters, whole add element of antibacterial antibacterial polyurethane universal caster wheel has significant advantages. Say from antibacterial properties, because it is in the process of smelting, steel is still liquid steel, joined the antibacterial element, the dynamics condition of molten steel is very good, wait for steel after solidification, antibacterial element is relatively uniform distribution within the whole universal polyurethane casters substrate, not only on the surface or a layer with antibacterial metal elements, thus formed the antibacterial polyurethane universal casters in each position has antibacterial properties. The long-term use process, even if its surface is serious wear and tear, is still able to maintain good antibacterial properties. In forming, but also because of its added antibacterial element in the liquid, so the production and other conventional polyurethane universal casters, are more likely to get larger size and shape of different plate and pipe materials. But this kind of method to join silver, copper and rare earth metals such as relatively more, so to improve its cost, this is also the overall adding antibacterial element class antibacterial polyurethane universal casters there is no one cause of the rapid development. In addition, these precious metals was added into polyurethane universal casters forming has certain influence, such as copper makes slab micro cracks formed in the continuous casting and rolling.
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