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Universal wheel casters specifications -

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-17
Universal wheel - 【 Industrial casters 】 Universal wheel, adjust the feet manufacturers universal wheel, also known as castor, widely used in the production and living of social economy. Universal wheel when the choose and buy, you need good detail of the specifications of the caster. Here must be clear about the characteristics of the universal wheel, due to the universal wheel is more complicated than ordinary structure of single wheel, a steering function. So universal wheel on various aspects of the quality stable requirements are higher than the single wheel, so to be able to better cooperate with single wheel, better transport agency services. First of all, the choice of universal wheel is to look at the bearing. Divided into light medium heavy-duty casters, heavy-duty casters, heavy heavy-duty casters. Light weight-bearing area is in commonly 70 - heavy-duty casters About 150 kilograms, medium load range in 150 - heavy-duty casters Between 300 and the bearing capacity of heavy heavy-duty casters can reach 300 - 500 kilograms. Secondly depends on the wheels of the universal wheel size, castor is to calculate the diameter of the size, the unit is inch, one inch is about 3. 3 cm. The size of the universal wheel type 1 - There is 12 inches, are on the market. Universal wheel material aspects of the material, generally look at the real condition of the use of universal wheel to determine material. At present is mainly made of polyurethane wheel and nylon material, polyurethane wheels also have some strength of different types. Universal wheel characteristics of polyurethane wheels as the main material is mute effect is good, suitable for all kinds of environment, wear-resisting corrosion resistant, widely used in hospitals, schools, transportation and logistics industries. Nylon casters with turning performance is good, flexible, easy to carry, wear-resisting performance is good, strong carrying capacity, etc. The disadvantage is that nylon hard, brittle, dumb.
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