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Universal wheel hitting resistance requirements?

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-22
Universal wheel, adjust the feet, manufactures industrial wanxiang above for production material requirements are also many ways if a manufacturer at the time of their production, the production material did not meet the requirements, one is to be on their own performance has a certain decline, then there is their life it is also has a certain decline as for its production material, is to achieve what kind of requirements? At first it to achieve their resistance to impact the requirements above. What are the characteristics of the pu castor wheels? PU round of elastomer with good wear resistance, resistance to chemical attack, stainless steel wheels wholesale high strength, high elasticity, high low pressure, strong resistance to abrasion, shock absorption, tear resistance, radiation resistance, high load and shock absorption, etc. Good performance. PU wheel has wide scale of hardness at the same time, from shaw A10 - 100. Currently on the market has been beyond the shaw A100 or above products. In addition, the PU wheel has the superior performance of shock absorption, shock absorption plate, than metal spring impact resistance, elastic wheels wholesale and does not hurt the mold. These characteristics of PU wheel, very suitable for as the universal wheel material.
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