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Universal wheel in the use process need to pay attention to what?

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-18
Universal wheel, adjust the feet manufacturers universal wheel and castor is called universal casters and activity, it not only has a single wheel sliding function, but also have the function of changing direction, can realize the object handling the whole sliding plane. The emergence of the universal wheel greatly facilitate the logistics handling, for enterprise production, living, great business sales and other fields. As a kind of mechanical construction, however, universal wheel is hard to avoid during the process of using no mechanical failure and problems, the emergence of these problems are usually user does not have enough universal wheel using the note. So, here share with you some universal wheel use note: a, use speed. Castor castor wheels is activity, due to its own features are more complicated than the simple castor some result, lead to reduce the complexity of the increase of the universal wheel sliding speed. Generally speaking, the sustainable use of universal wheel speed is 50 - of the single wheel 60%. Users in the concrete use, of course, universal wheel, pushing speed is more slow, the better, of course keep in a proper 0 - 3 km/h. Second, the use of the environment. Universal wheel key bearing area special cannot have impurities such as cord entanglement, otherwise easy to damage. Therefore, the use of ground must need to keep clean environment. Also different because of the use of the universal wheel material at the same time, also requires environment will not be able to have the presence of chemical agent such as acid and alkali salt. Three, bearing limits. The invention and application of universal wheel is mainly in order to facilitate carrying heavy things. Although the universal wheel has quite a large carrying capacity, but can't endure heavy operation. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly understand the carrying capacity of the universal wheel, in order to avoid overload and overload operation.
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