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Universal wheel installation dimension figure truckle installation - common sense should know

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-14

We all know that we are getting a universal wheel when it's just a single individual, cannot play its nature; As a general parts of it equipment and equipment together with us to show the value of it, so how to make the universal wheel and closely cooperate with other equipment, accurate drawing size and so on data will be needed. General manufacturers can provide us universal wheel installation dimension graph, it can facilitate our more clearly understand the castor installation when it installation height and related information. In places such as supermarkets, hospitals, factories, can see the figure of universal wheel. Although the universal wheel material handling technology development, but universal casters still as indispensable handling tools in use today. Industrial castor wheels in production and life are widely used because of its low cost, simple maintenance, easy operation, light weight, can be used in motor vehicles inconvenience work, in short distance when transporting lighter items is very convenient. Since the universal wheel is development, and the installation of the castor is inseparable, universal wheel mounted to trundle more flexible and convenient in operation, universal wheel installation common sense: 1, universal wheel installation size must be clear, clear. 2, install castor scaffold must have sufficient strength, materials must be reliable. 3, the function of the caster shall not be changed, also not affected by installation. 4, turn shaft must always vertical movement. Must be between 5, directional casters with axle on a straight line. 6, if only use universal casters, they must be consistent. 7, if the directional wheel and universal casters, so all the castor wheels must be compatible with each other. Universal wheel installation of common sense is not only applicable to universal casters, for directional casters and other different forms of castor also works, installation principle is the same, just need to pay attention to small details and other places; At the same time, we combined with universal wheel installation size chart can be very intuitive see installations as well as the steps and attention, so you don't have to worry about castor installation process is too complex lead to failure.                                

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