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Universal wheel should be how to install and use -

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-22
Universal wheel, adjust the feet, the manufacturer of heavy universal use in the installation height, the height of the ground after the installation of heavy duty castor wheels. Usually single wheel is the wheel radius, the height of the bearing center in the ground. Is the installation height of heavy universal wheel. Taking heavy universal wheel bracket, the use of stents is what style of scaffolding including the height of the screw, with a flat have a fixed and steering 2 ways. The height of the flat to the ground the installation height of heavy universal wheel. Steering is highly not tablets plus the height of the wheel, stents eccentricity to the height of the wheel bearing and the height of the wheel radius is the actual height. Maybe you will like the quality of the universal wheel prospects of chongqing good competition big heavy universal wheel installation and how heavy wheels, heavy universal wheel installation must be correct, otherwise for heavy duty has a great influence on the life of the universal wheel, then, should be installed how heavy wheels? Here the factory introduced some basic knowledge of heavy universal wheel installation. During heavy universal wheel installation, for different material of the wheel body should choose different bracket, is usually a device in a fixed bracket above. To know industrial heavy duty wheels must be durable, and equipment of heavy universal wheel installation must be quick and safe. In addition, want to use the most appropriate heavy universal wheel gear to match the scaffold. Heavy duty castor wheels after the installation is complete, the function cannot be changed, heavy universal wheel installed heavy universal wheel bracket must have enough strength. If heavy universal rotary bearing must always vertical movement. Fixed between heavy wheels must be its axle on a straight line. If only use heavy universal wheels, it is necessary. If universal wheel and heavy universal wheels are fixed heavy, so heavy all universal wheel must be compatible with each other, and subject to manufacturer's recommended. Necessary to specify special products. After heavy universal wheel is installed, must pay attention to the environment, use and maintenance of heavy duty castor wheels, in general, use heavy universal wheel is higher than the temperature of 5 ° C and 30 ° C below heavy universal wheel, such as in the following areas: use outdoor, coastal areas, strong corrosion and/or use conditions of the region. The effect of heavy duty castor wheels will decline, especially when using temperature below or above the data, has been listed in the normal load may be affected. Special product details. Complete heavy wheels made of parts assembled. Manufacturers only to the original parts made responsible for the complete heavy universal wheel. Heavy duty castor wheels installed shaft and/or adjustable center pin fastening. Any use of cleaner. The daily maintenance of heavy universal wheel, axle and rotating bearing grease lubrication; After the device. Cannot contain corrosion and abrasive.
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