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Universal wheel suitcases

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-03
Your suitcase is enough 'perfect'? Japan JUST BEETLE/TOUR universal wheel luggage box body with resistance to impact of PC/ABS as the main material, again to precision molding machine, combined with the soft zipper, make the light than traditional materials to more than half, and freely. The pull rod using stainless steel material, and 100% nylon cloth. . Dazzle colour bright surface, fashionable, popular in Japan and Taiwan, guide the trend, the collocation of let you follow one's inclinations. In addition, it's another big characteristic is mute, 360 degree 4 rounds of universal, taxi 'make' command will be issued in the noise, and drag and flexibility. Your luggage, can you through the following test ( 24 inch luggage, for example) 吗? 1. Case: in 15 kg sand contents, falls from 1 m high; 2. Rod/handle: load cases, continuous lift up and down 500 times; 3. Wheels, universal wheel load cases, the special conveyor belt, continuous 10 km walk Shanghai castor plant, universal wheel, casters, universal casters
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