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Universal wheel through which instrument to detect castor manufacturers

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-01
No matter what types of casters to guarantee the quality of it, then you have to pass strict quality control. Doing simple things over and over so it is not easy, small problems may add up to a big problem, only by constantly found problems, deal with the problem and control problems, then you will be able to control the problem. May therefore castor a very tiny problem can influence the credibility of the quality of the castor or manufacturer, so it's very important to do castor manufacturers quality control; So universal wheel should pass the test, how to achieve the requirements to qualify? 1, universal material testing machine, static pressure caster level, applying 0. 6 times the load force, static pressure 6 min; Vertical static pressure, applying three times to load force, static pressure 5 min. Unloading force after 60 min check each part of the caster without permanent deformation, functioning as a qualified. 2, weight-bearing walking test machine: according to the normal load,, in the form of 4 min pause 1 min walking 4 km/h speed, continuous walking wheels 30000 times; The tire without peeling and partial excessive abrasion; Each part of the caster and no more than normal damage and its influence use permanent deformation, bearing rotation is normal, no loose and card plug phenomenon for qualified. 3, brake tester: 11 times/min brake frequency for brake system trundle brake 9000 times in a row, no fault pads, brake effect is normal for qualified. 4, salt spray tester: metal surface treatment in the salt fog box, with 5% sodium chloride solution for spray 24 h, the constant temperature in the cabinet, the corrosion on the surface of the chrome plating, spray paint of GB/T6461 - 2002 dot figure regulation level 6 and above for qualified, galvanized parts of 4 class above for qualified. 5, a footrace with heavy armor, an obstacle impact testing machine: according to the normal load applied load, by walking 3 min pause 1 min, 4 km/h speed, continuous walking wheels 30000 times; Tyre peeling and partial excessive wear, universal casters flexible steering for qualified. 6, rockwell hardness tester, test bearing, brake pads, steel and other metal pieces of material hardness, chrome steel bearing, steel ball hardness of 60 62 HRC, brake pads, 65 mn) Hardness of 45 48 HRC for qualified. All quality tests of universal wheel is very important, do a good job in quality control is every castor manufacturers should pay attention to the problem; Seriously do a good job in every step of the process, is the guarantee of quality of castor is also do the first step in brand casters.
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