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Until the caster and teach you how to choose the suitable castor

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-24
Castor has been widely applied in daily life, both in industrial casters or medical truckle value castor quality and using effect, for many who purchase castor products, they are not quite understand castor product technique of choose and buy, so buy castor always appears not so well, in order to be able to help more consumers can choose to fit their products castor, until the castor summarizes several for consumers to choose the cautions of castor. First of all to consider the material of castor, now trundle plastic products, stainless steel materials, such as different material applicable scope is not the same, so consider to choose what kind of castor material should also be combined with the practical application environment to consider, in general, select the user that polyurethane wheel on market now is more, because this material whether indoor or outdoor use, can well adapt to all kinds of handling class work, to help users to improve the efficiency of the transport of goods. But if given the hotel, medical apparatus and instruments, wood floor surface used for noise is small, so elastic roller is a good choice, because the material of the caster wheel contact with the ground when the friction is small, but also can reduce the contact with the ground when the wear and tear. Buy castor also need to attach importance to the structure of the horse, including the selection of different caster stents, many experienced friends child when considering the caster stents not only consider products appearance, at the same time value each trundle bearing ability, generally if it is a long-term work in the smooth ground, carrying the goods is light, so suggest to purchase castor bearing range between 50 kg to one hundred and fifty kg, form a complete set of caster wheel bracket 3 - with a thin plate 4 mm punch forming plating wheel frame, because this kind of wheel frame were lighter, and easy to operate, can reduce the trouble in the process of cargo handling. Conversely if for caster wheel load demand is higher, for goods transportation task for a long time, so choose better heavy-duty casters, heavy-duty casters in general is common in industry, textile industry, automobile industry and other industries. Suggest customers before purchase castor products can have a good calculation under the bearing weight of castor, by understanding transportation equipment weight, maximum load and a single number of bearing capacity and so on comprehensive consideration to purchase castor castor. In general, castor products or purchase Suggestions can choose to have awareness of manufacturers, such as castor on until is a very good choice, is regarded as one of the best brand in the castor domestic product, the quality of their castor readily available, and long service life. In addition, until the castor offers a variety of casters products can better fit the needs of the consumers, and they all casters products are passed the strict screening, ensure the product quality. Until the casters brand has many years of development history, get the favour of a lot of friends and praise. Until the caster compared to other products, cost-effective, brand after-sales service is one of the bright spot at the same time, they have been working on castor product updates and breakthrough, dedicated to provide customers with perfect service, the recent truckle products if you want to purchase top-grade material friend might as well consider this brand, more can certainly won't let you feel disappointed.
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