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Using product knowledge to help castor sales personnel to complete the cooperation

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-29
Castor product knowledge for a sales person, instead of talking about is a kind of just, as a skill. But there is something in the brain, personal ability and skills is selling products, the most important thing is to learn the castor knowledge into a skill to impress the customer. The caster and product knowledge to talk to the customer is an introduction to each sales personnel required course, is the basic skills, so I hope castor product knowledge in school or in other skills, knowledge, should take the initiative to absorb, rather than passive to listen to, more time should be something to learn to use mouth to speak out. Many people think, castor product knowledge is only a basic knowledge, there is no real practical significance in the actual sales; But the survey found that more than ninety percent poor performance of sales staff, often with can't there is a close relationship between the introduction of effective, accurate product, so at any time, any place, or learning is castor knowledge, or other aspects of skills, knowledge, and should be carefully from the details to understand and grasp, you can leisurely, when dealing with the order! Common castor sales personnel problems: 1, the introduction of product knowledge as an endorsement, lack of vitality, is a customer feel disgust; 2, can not cause customer interest in a very short time, loss of opportunity; 3, product knowledge, only stay in the knowledge level, cannot achieve mastery through a comprehensive study; 4, mandarin self-righteousness, cannot grasp the customer understand the situation; 5, lack of language practice, only oneself know, they don't understand; 6, lack of rigorous professionalism, relying on relationship, customer trust is poor; Castor salesman: how to use the product knowledge should have a special unique opinion on castor product knowledge, able to extrapolate, achieve mastery through a comprehensive study; Often good in castor salesman introduced products can introduce products in vivid language, attract customers, seize the client to implement the transaction, in sales to learn knowledge of castor play incisively and vividly, And engineering technical personnel about castor: at this time you must be a possess professional knowledge, from castor product development direction, the structure of the industry competitors, potential of technology innovation, industry rules, key personnel of the industry, and understand these are credible tools, also can prevent the salesmen make stupid mistakes. Because of your professional, so that they trust to you, for your products placed a sense of security, even as you introduce products can bring high profit returns to him. Communicate with procurement staff castor products: if it is castor talking with this kind of person, then you have to learn to find the values of the subconscious, the caster will happen inside a bigger role of knowledge, let him feel you introduce knowledge of castor can create benefits for him. Because you introduce products to win the trust of the boss, can even enhance opportunities, can also be to their own interests. Talk to the boss castor products: talk to the decision maker castor, more to apply to your professional knowledge to appeal to the boss, because you just want to give he introduced the product, what is more important to you they strive for greater competitiveness and profit. Either with the technicians of the company, the buyer, or the boss, illustrate the importance of castor product knowledge, can want to have a good relationship with them are based on your introduction castor knowledge can bring real benefits to them, so if you want to seize the customer first to enrich themselves; Such ability in your next to do the, whether in any occasion and can do this effect in addition to the interpersonal factors in it, understanding of knowledge is that castor should not be ignored.
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