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Watching a Chinese aircraft carrier in the water to see China's polyurethane casters

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-30
Watching a Chinese aircraft carrier in the water to see China's polyurethane casters, caster and product design have obvious flaws, because the use frequency is taller, castor if no choice of high quality caster product loss is faster. Again, see the load capacity of caster wheel, we generally focus on the caster wheel dynamic load capacity, in order to be able to make castor has better applicability, proposed that a single wheel load capacity design can choose castor one third of the total load on mobile devices and equipment, namely according to the configuration of each device four castor. Industry's mobile ambulance bed will be equipped with a flexible universal wheel, the trundle bearing capacity is directly associated with equipment using quality, so considering the patient's life safety, of castor also need to be careful to choose. Also need to pay attention to single wheel structure of castor, high-quality castor structure can fully consider the actual demand, flexible manipulation, namely the castor products starting force and rotational force to be able to comply with national production standards, if need in the practical use of high load capacity, high stability, can consider to double design. In general, the diameter of the castor need not big, according to the actual situation to select the diameter of casters products, because the diameter is too large will go against castor castor products placed, at the same time, the bigger the diameter of casters products the price is more expensive. Caster design mainly includes the stents and other castor parts and components, and considering the product purchase for stent and castor parts also need to pay more attention to the details of the installation, the other in the process of using friends want to consider the scope of its load bearing, try not to exceed the caster wheel bearing ability, if because castor weight overweight for a long time will affect the normal use effect, it will also increase the wear degree of castor products. Now with castor products manufacturers a lot, but not every factory can meet the requirements of the buyers are in order to be able to purchase to the satisfaction of the goods, suggest you can shop around, understand the characteristics of the different manufacturer production of castor, and different technical advantage, that can let oneself buy more suitable castor. Watching a Chinese aircraft carrier in the water to see China's polyurethane casters, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 203. html
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