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Wei to baidu investment, will bring us what kind of future @ pu castor

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-29
Wei to baidu investment, will bring us what kind of future @ pu castor, some time ago, will spread the message of wei to baidu to investment. Both public relations maintain a high level of mystery, said only have this thing, and not disclose details. Now wei to auto finance news, reports that the financing amount is as high as $600 million, led by tencent, baidu capital. In addition, the other investors include warburg pincus, IDG, magnolia bark, lenovo, hillhouse, societe generale, GIC, TPG and chinaequity, cicc, today's capital, haitong international investment institutions and so on. After completion of this round of financing, wei to valuation will reach 20 billion yuan. Wei founded to car has been a period of time, it has introduced several experimental car also has achieved good results. Baidu has been on the unmanned has done, the cooperation will bring us what kind of future? Wei to automotive is the media to the founder of the enterprise, the goal is very high. Is to prepare to China's auto industry to build a high-end brand. So early in the beginning of establishment, founder li bin and hired in the IT industry's prestigious wuthnow lili to wei to car CGO ( Chief development officer) And the CEO of North America. Since then, the former lexus ( China) Officially join the wei, deputy general manager kong chu also served as vice President. In addition, wei to the factors including the original Qin Lihong chery automobile sales co. , LTD. , vice general manager and former maserati car company chief executive Martin Leach, former deputy general manager of saic group new energy career Huang Chendong such as the talent from traditional car companies. On the industrial structures, wei to cars have Shanghai, SAN jose, Munich and London 12 set design, development, production and business organization, has more than 2000 employees. Ready to build high-performance motor and electric control system in nanjing production base, construction in hubei province wei to new energy automobile industrial park. On the test products, wei to auto launch electric supercar EP9, at the nurburgring ran out of the electric vehicle records, created in unmanned track automatic vehicle speed 257 km/h record. Wei to goal is very clear, tesla, learning from the perspective of the high-end car, build a brand, at the same time the use of capital, to create a China's tesla. More news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 138. html
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