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What about the maximum supply of 4 swivel caster with brake by Dajin caster per month?
Zhongshan Dajin caster Co.,Ltd. is a technologically advanced manufacturer of caster wheels. Dajinwill continue to carry forward the enterprise spirit, which is, to be honest, innovative and efficient. Products and services serve as the foundation to develop the business. Friendly partnerships with customers are also greatly valued. Advanced technology and a good business reputation make a great contribution to the invincible position in the fierce competition. The heavy duty casters produced by Dajincan be used in many fields. leveling casters is the main product of Dajin. It is diverse in variety. Every detail of the product has been carefully inspected by profession QC staff. It can be designed to feature 360-degree rotation. our company always attaches importance to the quality of leveling casters. It is ideal for such floors as wood, laminate, ceramic, terracotta or carpeted. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

Can activated carbon filter sulfuric acid? Activated carbon is a black powder,Granular or pill-like amorphous with porous carbon,Carbon is the main ingredient,It also contains a small amount of oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur, nitrogen and chlorine.It also has fine structures like graphite,It's just that the grain is small,Irregular accumulation between layers.Large surface area (500 ~ 1000 m 2/g ),Has a strong adsorption performance,It can absorb gas, liquid or colloidal solids on its surface;For gas, liquid,The quality of the adsorption substance can be close to the quality of the activated carbon itself.Its adsorption is selective,Non-polar substances are easier to absorb than polar substances.In the same series of substances,The higher the boiling point, the easier it is for substances to be adsorbed,The greater the pressure, the lower the temperature, the greater,The larger the adsorption capacity.On the contrary,Decompression,Heating is conducive to the adsorption of gases.It is commonly used in the adsorption

How to filter particles in water? I don't know how much you handle,If it's a lot, get a quartz sand jar,Then there is another activated carbon jar,If the residents use it,Then use a large bucket to lay a few layers of cloth at the bottom,Lay a layer of fine sand on it,Then lay a layer of sand on it,Then there's a big grain of sand,Lay another layer of activated carbon (or grass Ash ),Principle: sand can remove particulate matter and pigment. charcoal can remove chloride ions in microorganisms and water. use a funnel to determine the size of your particles,Filter cloth, filter press and filter element are the most commonly used ones to install a simple pipe filter,Depending on the size of your solid impurities,You can achieve a certain accuracy.The common small and simple is the blue pipe filter,Small bag filter.
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