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What are applications of anti-static caster produced by Dajin caster ?
Founded decades of years ago, Zhongshan Dajin caster Co.,Ltd. is a global ODM/OEM manufacturer of anti static wheel. Dajininsists on providing quality products and creating value for customers. We are committed to pursuing excellence for products and services, so as to promote the healthy and sustainable development of our company. medium duty caster developed and produced by Dajinis widely used. The following are several application scenes presented for you. Dajin's rubber casters series contains multiple sub-products. It has undergone significant enhancements in capabilities. It resists rust in high humidity environment. Each team in our team caster follows the strict quality assurance system to ensure the quality of leveling casters. It is designed to maximize capacity and to distribute the load evenly. For product information, customers are welcome to consult we.

What style of filter is used when the water flows from bottom to top? Bag type and filter core machine can be used, the accuracy requirements are not high, and the filter core machine with high accuracy. If you need a filter, you can contact me. my friend is a filter and can give you a preferential price.

What functional test tests can the AFC-131 filter material test bench be used to filter materials? AFC-131 the filter material test bench is used to test the pressure difference on and downstream of the filter material and the particle size of the particles,To evaluate the dust content and filtration efficiency of filter materials,It is of great significance for the optimization and development of filter materials and the quality assurance in the production process.1) counting filter efficiency and grading filter efficiency test.The system realizes the above functional integration through the aerosol particle size spectrometer with the switch valve.2) Efficiency of weight filtration.By measuring the weight gain of the end high efficiency filter and the test filter material, the weight filtration efficiency of the test filter material can be tested.3) dust tolerance test.The dust content test can be tested at a wide range of dust concentration and surface wind speed.In the test, the anti-blowing system i
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