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What are big into castor analyses industrial casters function and characteristics

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-04
When it comes to industrial casters, don't know everyone familiar with the term not familiar with, do not understand this kind of machinery, in general, not engaged in the industry, is very familiar to the equipment should be, today, let's learn about this machine. First of all, let's look at what is castor. Castor mainly divided into directional casters and universal casters. The difference is that the directional casters can not rotate, but universal caster wheel can rotate 360 degrees. And if they are classified according to use industry, castor castor can be divided into medical casters, supermarket, such as household castor category. And industrial castor is also one of the, its use in plant, machinery and equipment, its wheels parts are advanced materials, make the whole product has a great impact and strength, is a good product. Industrial castor features do short-distance transport items can carry a lot of weight, and can according to user needs to choose different material and the bearing capacity of castor, there are two different bearings can be optional, is very convenient. Choose this kind of products, the most important thing is to look at its flexibility performance, bearing capacity, temperature limit and so on to shopping, when you choose and buy must pay attention to cough up. If there is anything not clear, do not understand, can Internet inquiries at any time, believe there is always a product is suitable for you! Zhongshan big into castor co. , LTD. , owns a modern factory covering 30000 square meters, is a production of various specifications of industrial casters series, casting products, electroplating products, industrial trolley, stamping sheet metal, plastic, PU casting and other products of professional manufacturers. Hotline: 400 600 - 8532 this paper label: big into castor industrial casters a: choose castor, concerning the quality of the caster is big into castor chosen next article: big into castor high temperature heavy duty castor is analysed for you why can stand out in the industry
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