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What are faced with different temperature environment pu castor response

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-03
What are faced with different temperature environment pu castor response? Working in special high temperature or low temperature, or working environment temperature difference is very big, should choose metal wheels or special high temperature resistant wheels; Where the requirements to prevent the accumulation of electrostatic generation, had better use special anti-static wheel, also can choose metal wheel ( If the ground does not require protection, ; Work environment there are many corrosive medium, should choose to have good corrosion resistance of the wheel accordingly. Soft foam plastic is mainly used for furniture and transport all kinds of cushion materials, insulation materials, etc. ; Hard foam is mainly used in household appliances waterproof spray foam insulation layer, the house wall, pipe insulation materials, building plank, refrigerator and cold storage insulation material, etc. ; Half hard foam used in automobile dashboard, the steering wheel, etc. Market has polyurethane foam composite materials that are used for various specifications ( Two-component premix) Mainly used for ( Cold cure) High resilience foam, half hard foam plastic, casting and spraying hard foam plastic, etc. Pu castor wheel diameter selection, according to the diameter of the wheel, the greater the rotation of the more flexible principle of commonly used specifications are 4 inches castor, castor 5 inches and 6 inches castor, 8 inches castor, 10 inches castor, 12 inches castor, pu castor can use 16 inches and 18 inches of the wheel. At present, we produce 12 tonnes of pu castor, is to use the 400 mm diameter, width of 125 mm of the caster. Pu castor to tell you, choose suitable wheel rack first consider bearing the weight of the castor, such as supermarkets, schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels and other places, because the floor is good, smooth lighter, and handling of goods ( Each trundle bearing in 10 - 140公斤) , suitable to select (with a thin plate 2 - 4毫米) Stamping wheel rack plating, the wheel frame is light, flexible operation, quiet and beautiful, the plating wheel frame in accordance with the ball bearing arrangement is divided into double row bead and single bead. If often move or application of double row in the bead. Super polyurethane wheel, high-strength polyurethane wheel in both indoor and outdoor floor, can meet the requirements of your handling; High strength synthetic lugs can apply to hotels, medical apparatus and instruments, floors, wooden floor, ceramic tile ground for low noise quiet on the ground when walking driving; Nylon wheel, wheel which can be applied to uneven or there are materials such as scrap iron on the ground; While pep talk round applies to soft light load and road surface is not flat. What are faced with different temperature environment pu castor response? More news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 338. html
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