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What are heavy-duty casters, industry selection criteria

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-13
The definition of heavy duty castor is depending on the load bearing ability of the caster wheel, on the market for heavy-duty casters load capacity is not an absolute concept, super-heavy trundle bearing capacity can reach five hundred tons, with the development of the castor industry, today's heavy duty castor is also increasingly rich flexible product design, its bearing capacity is also increasing with the progress of technology, many areas of the economy now has been widely applied to heavy-duty casters, such as the textile industry, industrial areas, high-rise building industry, etc. , heavy duty castor is mainly used in the operation of the transport goods operation. Heavy duty castor products is numerous, but still choose products with a lot of skills and exquisite, today let's take a look at how to select suitable heavy duty castor products better enable it to play a better effect. First of all we think about heavy duty castor should combine the actual bearing requirements, generally three caster wheel bearing weight is greater than or equal to the maximum bearing, but when purchasing with four castor advisable, avoid because when actual operation over a street value and affect the normal use of castor effect, to use the castor industry even more so, because industry often need extra weight, considering the actual operation, also not to be able to when selecting a heavy-duty casters will reach bearing point. In addition, we need to considering the actual operating environment of heavy duty castor, if used in road construction bad environment for a long time, suggest to take what abrasion resistance and high pressure of heavy-duty casters, such as polyurethane material of heavy duty castor is superior to other materials of high pressure resistance, high temperature resistant properties can be used in high-temperature environment or the construction environment, reduces the castor daily wear and tear, improve the actual utility of castor products. If it is used in the textile industry, can take full iron heavy-duty casters, this is one of the popular products purchased on the market. Again, heavy duty castor auxiliary parts whether have appropriate for castor actual operation will also has a great influence, such as scaffold material, etc. , in general, for heavy duty caster stents will use metal stents, its bearing capacity is good and not easy to wear and also has a thick plate welding. Heavy-duty casters truckle products compared with other technical requirements will be higher, because the ability of bearing has a connection with him, so advice if you consider the purchase of heavy duty castor was able to give priority to with professional manufacturers cooperation, good manufacturers for the product quality will be responsible for what, and all products before leaving the factory after repeated tests to ensure quality and service life. Last but needs to be considered for heavy duty caster wheel frame, if use and carrying heavy objects such as textile factory, automobile factory, industrial shower, etc. , due to poor charge big walking distance, suggest to choose with thick steel plate after cutting wheel frame is better, this kind of wheel frame belongs to the standard of heavy duty castor, improve the load bearing ability of castor, at the same time also can improve the caster and flexible rotation, impact resistance, and other functions. If recent consider purchase of heavy duty castor friend or Suggestions to find out more about how to choose high quality heavy duty castor products, various types of heavy duty castor products on the market now is numerous, but most of the time, instead of too much choice is no choice, targeted selection is king.
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