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What are industrial caster wheel bearing -

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-18
Castor price - 【 Industrial casters 】 Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturer of industrial casters are widely used in enterprise production and factory cargo handling, etc. The application of industrial casters, effectively promoted the economic and social development. In recent years as the country's economic structure transformation and upgrading, all walks of life are working hard to improve efficiency of industrial production, market demand for industrial casters becomes more robust. Although said in the aspect of industrial casters procurement, people usually notice carefully castor material, size, bracket plate thickness and welding process, but in the aspect of industrial caster wheel bearing selection is often ignored by the people. Instructions, caster wheel bearing is also the core parts of the castor institutions bearing the strong degree of also can affect the trundle bearing capacity and service life directly. So, what industrial caster wheel bearing? A needle bearing. Needle roller bearing is mainly used in universal wheel, needle roller bearing and other bearing differ in that it has very low installation height, have quite a low rolling resistance, but also have huge bearing capacity. But the disadvantage of needle roller bearing is not good for high speed, using a needle roller bearing industrial casters most inappropriate driving faster than the rate of four miles per hour. Two, cone bearing. Cone bearing compared with other bearing is the biggest advantage of general, can be used is suitable for all kinds of casters, and have a good ability to move on. Three, precision ball bearings. Precision ball bearing is single rotate in the ball bearing, the make and model of the highest quality with the ball uniform radiation can arrangement is very effective to reduce rolling resistance, it also has very high bearing capacity.
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