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What are industrial casters screening techniques

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-14
Industrial casters product category is very detailed, for buyers, they should be able to understand all kinds of product design and scope of application under the premise of targeted selection, industrial casters want can make or need to be able to consider many factors, today let's take a look at the industrial casters screening what skills to speak of. First, the bearing capacity test whether screening which industrial truckle products need to be able to do a bearing capacity test, this is one of the basic principles, without considering the bearing test, and then the subsequent use of industrial casters safety concerns will increase by a wide margin, and if when used to all kinds of casters, light replacement casters, weight will be irreversible loss to transport goods, poor bearing capacity test need to consider to a limit, in general, industrial casters poor bearing capacity limit is the sum of three castor, but buy castor with four advisable, so when also can be used to avoid the daily to overweight, overweight transportation safety, but also for castor products also can bring serious wear and tear. Two kinds of dynamic load test and static load bearing capacity, you can consider more. Second, considering the specific application environment of various kinds of casters products, they are suitable for environment is also not the same, recommend to think about purchase castor is not only refer to market to buy hot products, but also can do adjust measures to local conditions, fully understand the characteristics of different products and use scope, etc. , for example, pu castor belongs to high polymer material, it is more suitable for road construction environment is poor under the conditions of use, this kind of caster wheel hardness is higher, but it is not suitable for chemical environment use, while plastic castor etc are suitable for use in chemical environment. Different scope and different design parameters, castor if purchase details for all kinds of caster and don't know the friend or best can do purchasing work. Third, compare different brands of industrial casters design difficulty is bigger, and such castor products is belong to high frequency to use one of the products, suggest you can buyers preferred brand products, but it is better to compare several brands, way to compare the price, and also can better understand the advantages and characteristics of different products, bulk purchase of merchants can also with casters brand manufacturers recommend good relations of cooperation. Fourth, taking into account the industrial caster wheel driving load in addition to the above a few points, and an important selection standard, namely considering industrial caster wheel driving load, and generally speaking, the dynamic load of the caster level than the maximum load items one of the most important four points again, so also is for the sake of security and stability in the process of driving, exercise load can satisfy the requirement also is very important, but a lot of friends to think about screening industrial castor often overlook the details. Above for screening of the technique of industrial casters, purchase skills are far more than that, of course, you can know more details, and special environment based on the principle of special castor don't forget that in order to be able to make he wasted, and prolong service life, etc. , all kinds of casters products still need to be able to do regular truckle products testing and maintenance, etc. , hope everybody can buy the suitable castor products.
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