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What are mainland brand casters

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-10
1, the Chinese standard: ( Is mainly refers to 15 years ago, by the China sanjiang space enterprise, hubei hong Lin castor plant, industrial casters a preliminary standards, design the face of the castor series is very narrow, and the requirements of the standard and testing of the requirements of the project is also very little, mostly by euro rubber wheel as the basic foundation of industry products, at that time, the use requirements of the castor is also very low, so, also provide testing service and equipment is relatively backward, and the current market demand has not matched, so, now China is also in the study, to compile Chinese castor standard) Standard: (2, the United States The market at present is mainly aimed at 6 mm steel plate welding of heavy duty castor, among them, shun company in the United States as the leader, including Mr Rush, jia wei, reform of famous products such as communications, from professional technical content of the running of the castor and super rubber new material using the achievement of the company's core competitiveness) ; 3, the British standard: ( Mainly for furniture and other light chakras have very strict requirements, such as compressive strength and heat resistance properties of the material of single wheel, the structure of the product of the quiet, beautiful appearance of smooth degree, etc. , so, now become international furniture industry must perform an industry standard, commonality among them, the most famous is the castor brand, to become the world's few big furniture retail giant Heidi poem, the red star us triumphant dragon specified product suppliers) 4, Germany standard: ( Wheel mainly for light and heavy industry, demanding for single caster wheel swing clearance, support the riveting gap between requirement accurate around 10 silk, from 3 to 4 mm bracket thickness. 5 mm thickness of stents, cross light industry and heavy industry round two series of regular, hole location is given priority to with 60 * 80, has also been called our euro) Standard: (5, Japan Mainly refers to the market now Japanese rubber wheel square plate, fixed and the legs don't match the medium as well as the classic light chrome plating, the wheel is the main characteristics of the rubber wheel is given priority to, the most well-known brands are Japan south star, Japan, hammers, etc. , the Japanese castor light on the steel plate with double plate making, namely we often say that the mirror steel, hole is generally in) / news_56。
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