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What are pu castor of choose and buy of learning

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-09
Pu castor realize rotation function is the most important support steel ball running parts, bearing running parts is often in the friction state, regularly lubricating oil can effectively keep the lubrication state, reducing wear metal parts, thus greatly extend the service life of the pu castor. Removal of entanglement. This work is closely associated with the running environment of polyurethane casters, usually in some department stores, supermarkets, warehouse on the ground will have all kinds of cord, leather, paper bags, plastic pieces and impurities, these impurities are intertwined with polyurethane casters running bearing parts, causes the damage of pu castor. Its structure characteristic includes the slide direction and rolling two aspects. In the modern business world, pu castor ( Universal casters) The application is very extensive. You walk into any of a large department stores, supermarkets, can be seen everywhere pu castor ( Universal casters) In the figure. In large supermarkets, for example, consumers go to the supermarket shopping often pushes a cart. / news_157。
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