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Customer satisfaction is the highest goal of Zhongshan Dajin caster Co.,Ltd.. Ask! The Domestic Quality Manufacturer in the Manufacturing Tools Hand Carts & Trolleys Industry Dajin's rollerblade casters has been substantially improved in a scientific way, as shown in the following aspects. Dajinis rich in industrial experience and is sensitive about customers' needs. We can provide comprehensive and one-stop solutions based on customers' actual situations.

What kind of industrial dust removal equipment does the welding dust purifier belong? Hello,The production of welding smoke is the process of melting metal,When the steam pressure of the molten substance reaches a certain level, the gas is formed.This gas cools in the air,Condensed into solid smoke.Particles generated during welding and cutting,Most of the condensed solid smoke that generates metal oxides.Because the chemical composition of the deposited metal of the electrode contains C, Mn, P, S, Si, Mo, V, Nb, W, B, Cu and other chemical elements,So there are quite a lot of toxic gases and dust produced by welding,For example, the dust of manual arc welding and CO2 gas protection arc welding contains manganese and manganese oxide dust,When using low hydrogen electrode,The smoke contains soluble fluoride and toxic gases of hydrogen fluoride,There are ozone and nitrogen oxides in the smoke of argon arc welding and plasma arc welding.When welding brass,There are zinc and zinc oxide dust, etc,There are other

The process of extracting Bromo in seawater The industrial method is to concentrate seawater first,Enrich the Bromo salt.Acidity of seawater by adding acid (Adjusting chemical balance,To prevent the formation of each valence acid of chlorine ),Chlorine gas,The bromide ion is oxidized to a single substance.HBr is produced by the reaction of Bromo steam and SO2, water vapor, O2 in air.The HBr is oxidized with chlorine again to get Br.In view of the high salinity, high turbidity and high biological content of seawater brine, it may cause adsorption pollution, inorganic salt precipitation pollution and biological pollution in the process of gaseous membrane extraction of Bromo,The following pretreatment process is adopted,Reduce the physical and chemical effects of seawater brine on the membrane,Avoid pollution.1. Acid Anti-scale method: add acid to add brine from pH7.5 ~ 8.0 acid to pH3.5 ~ 4.0 reduces the concentration of hydroxide and carbonate,It is difficult for calcium and magnesium plasma to generate preci
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