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What are specific standards for the universal casters

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-02
Specific standards for the universal casters what are the key points of industrial casters accessories used in bearing, the quality is good or bad, directly affects the service life of industrial casters long break. Industrial casters in use, is bearing a lot of the time people don't pay attention to a detail. Different bearing function, capacity, use fixed number of year, price difference is very big. How can buy industrial casters series products for clients from industrial caster wheel bearing, found industrial castor whether there is any quality problem, it is very important. The stents can freely around the vertical geometrical axis rotation, universal wheel according to the installation, can be divided into flat, screw and bolt. Universal wheel braking device: one-way two-way brake wheel brake wheel and brake wheel points. One-way braking casters have stop the wheel rotation device, namely people common single brake wheel; Two-way brake caster has already can stop the wheel rotation, can stop the castor again change the direction of the device, namely people's double brake wheel oral said. , the basic type of universal wheel and code: W ( The universal wheel model of number must begin with a letter W) For different using environment have different requirements: factory industrial casters, unlike firms use of industrial casters, tool automotive industrial caster wheel is different from a hospital bed with the light industrial casters, shopping cart with the requirements of industrial casters must be completely different from those for carrying heavy load in the factory of the industrial casters. Castor castor, Shanghai
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