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What are the classification of cast iron wheel and pig iron wheels?

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-19
- - - - - - Adjust the foot - 【 Industrial casters 】 Universal wheel, adjust the foot wheel manufacturers because of the cast iron in the practical application has high bearing capacity, also has been widely used in many users. But due to the higher hardness of cast iron wheel, has a high requirement and damage to the environment, therefore cannot be widely used, this is also a fatal defects of cast iron wheels. Cast iron roller, also known as pig iron wheel. Literally, it is easy to understand its main component is iron. Although the main part is cast iron, but according to the needs of different users, we will be divided into a variety of cast iron or cast iron chakras. According to the organizational structure points: 1, the ordinary gray cast iron wheel: carbon content is higher, 2. 7% ~ 4. 0%) Mainly by the flake graphite, carbon form, is owned by nature itself. Fracture brown or grey. Low melting point ( 1145~1250℃) Small, solidification shrinkage, compressive strength and hardness is close to carbon steel, good shock absorption. Used in the manufacture of machine tool bed, cylinder, enclosure structure; 2, malleable iron wheel: the white cast iron after annealing treatment, graphite flocculent mass distribution, hereinafter referred to as ductile iron. Uniform its organizational performance, wear resistance, good plasticity and toughness. Used in the manufacture of complex shape parts, can withstand the strong dynamic load; 3, ductile iron, ductile iron for short. It is through in liquid iron casting to add a certain amount of nodularizer and ink agent, so as to promote spherical graphite crystal. It compared to steel, in addition to the plasticity and toughness slightly lower, other properties are close to, is the advantages of both steel and cast iron materials, fine is widely used in mechanical engineering; 4, meehanite wheel: this is on the basis of gray cast iron, using 'modification', also called metamorphic iron. The strength, plasticity and toughness are much better than the average gray cast iron, organisations are relatively uniform. Mainly used in the manufacture of mechanical properties of the demand is higher, and larger changes section size of large castings. 5, special performance, cast iron wheel: this is a kind of have some characteristics of cast iron, according to different purposes, can be divided into wear-resisting, heat-resisting cast iron, cast iron corrosion resistant cast iron, etc. Mostly belongs to the alloy cast iron, widely used in machinery manufacturing. According to chemical composition points: 1, alloy cast iron wheel: add some in ordinary cast iron alloy elements, which improve some special properties and preparation of a kind of advanced cast iron. Such as all kinds of special performance of corrosion resistant, heat resistant, wear resistant cast iron. 2, the common cast iron wheel: refers to the cast iron does not contain any alloying elements, such as gray cast iron, malleable cast iron, nodular cast iron, etc. ; Market demand is diverse, but simple cast iron or cast iron wheel in order to meet the market diversification, can be divided into different forms of component category of cast iron, cast iron. This is not only meet the needs of different user groups, it also marks the improvement of production technology, enough to prove that we can satisfy different user groups; In this, there is always a you satisfied a caster wheel.
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