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What are the design requirements of heavy duty castor for accessories -

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-10
What are the design requirements of heavy duty castor for accessories - Industry information - 【 Industrial casters 】 Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturers 1, material selection of heavy duty castor wheels, heavy duty castor is used for heavy equipment moving, so the heavy duty castor wheels generally adopts hard single wheel tread. Wheel, such as nylon wheel, cast iron forging steel wheel, hard rubber wheel, pu wheel, wheel and phenolic resin is the ideal choice. Of forged steel wheel and pu castor wheels especially for track, castor wheels. 2, heavy-duty casters scaffold design, the framework of the heavy-duty casters, usually using metal materials as the main body, including ordinary steel plate stamping molding, casting molding, die forging steel molding, usually is given priority to with flat plate assembly. Heavy steel plate thickness of castor generally USES 8 mm, 10 mm, 16 mm and more than 20 mm steel plate. Currently, wanda for China petroleum system design of bearing 12 tons of track, castor, USES a 30 mm thick steel plate, plate using 40 mm, effectively guarantee the safety of the products loaded. 3, heavy duty castor wheel diameter selection, according to the diameter of the wheel, the greater the rotation of the more flexible principle of commonly used specifications are 4 inches castor, castor 5 inches and 6 inches castor, 8 inches castor, 10 inches castor, 12 inches castor, track, caster can use 16 inches and 18 inches of the wheel. At present, we produce 12 tonnes of track, castor, is to use the 400 mm diameter, width of 125 mm of the caster. Heavy, of course, can also be customized special specifications, for example, low center of gravity heavy-duty casters, minimum 2 inches castor, can also be bearing more than 360 kg. 4, heavy universal wheel rotating plate design, usually adopts the double ball track of heavy duty castor, stamping forming, heat treatment. For track, universal wheel rotating plate, generally USES the force bigger plane ball bearing or needle roller bearing, cone bearing, can effectively enhance the load capacity of heavy duty castor. For special shock heavy universal wheel, rotating plate using die forging steel, molding, effectively avoid the bolt connection plate welding, a greater intensity of improve the shock resistance of castor.
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